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At iCuerious, we have formed a close-knit group of smart engineers, technologists, business development and strategy professionals from top universities, as we have continued to grow at a fast clip since our humble beginnings back in 2012. Committed to providing contextual insights to solve complex problems for our clients and provide real value addition, we strongly believe in investing in the right people to maintain our culture and reputation as a premier IP service provider.

iCuerious offers an accelerated learning curve and a unique opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies. Because of the nature of projects our clients rely on us for, iCuerious offers abundant opportunities to work on complex and unstructured problems where thinking out of the box, creativity and raw intellectual horsepower are often the key differentiators between success and a not so favourable outcome. Besides, to get new employees up to speed, we have a comprehensive induction training program in which they will get a clear understanding of the intricate aspects of patent law and knowledge about our various service offerings.

At iCuerious, we understand that getting the right people on board requires more than the collaborative, open and merit-driven culture we pride ourselves on. To that end, we offer competitive benefits, and attractive performance-linked bonuses and salary hikes along with professional guidance and mentorship at every step of your career.