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The Journey to Wi-Fi 7

In our previous report (available here), we presented insights into the emerging Wi-Fi 7 standard, which was published after the initial draft of the standard. With Wi-Fi 7 now nearing completion, approximately 90% of the work is already completed as per Draft 4.0, and expected final approval in September 2024, we're back to bring you the latest trends in the ever-changing technology landscape.

Notably, Wi-Fi 7 routers from key industry players like MSI, TP-Link, Netgear, HBC, and Asus are already creating a buzz in the market, showcasing these players commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. The forthcoming influx of Wi-Fi 7 compatible devices, ranging from laptops to mobile phones, signals a significant shift in the technology landscape. This surge in adoption is driven by the increasing demand for data-intensive and low-latency applications across diverse sectors, including smart cities, the metaverse, and the advanced needs of Industry 4.0. The widespread enthusiasm for seamless connectivity and enhanced performance has accelerated the adoption of Wi-Fi 6E and heightened anticipation for the capabilities of Wi-Fi 7.

With a staggering 228% surge in patent publications since our initial review, it's clear that Wi-Fi 7 is poised to revolutionize the wireless communication domain. Dive into our latest Technology Overview Report for an in-depth review of Wi-Fi 7.

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