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The Material Lighter Than Air and Stronger Than Steel

Aerogels are a wonder material with excellent properties. As it’s a hot topic, many companies and research institutes are working on improving aerogels further and getting a more refined material that can outstand all the existing ones.

One such an emerging material is "AERO GRAPHENE"

Aerogel and graphene both have outstanding implications on their own. In fact, they’re in somewhat of a competition between who’s the best material in terms of conductivity, lightness, and strength. However, Aerographene, which is essentially graphene-based aerogel, has risen to be the least dense material in existence.

With a density of only 0.16 milligrams per cubic cm, it can be held by a singular flower. It’s also 10 times stronger than steel.

There are also some implications that graphene aerogel-based energy storage devices will one day replace the lithium-ion batteries in electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, etc., and even in electric cars, airplanes, and space shuttles.

What major companies are researching, what current technical challenges they are addressing, What are the potential application areas, How Aero Graphene differs from aerogel, Who is leading the innovation race both quantitatively and qualitatively, etc. Are you interested in a sneak peek? Write to us at

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