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About Us

iCuerious is an intellectual property (IP) consulting firm providing full-service technology support for the entire stage of the IP process, with a focus on patents. Our team of technology specialists and subject matter experts has experience providing technical insights on various high-stakes patent lawsuits leading to multi-million dollar verdicts. We work closely with a diverse set of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, premier IP law firms, patent monetization and brokerage firms, independent inventors, and universities and focus on creating valuable IP ecosystems and patent monetization strategies via litigation and/or licensing. Additionally, our team leverages latest advancements in technology for building highly scalable tools aimed at improving efficiency across the innovation lifecycle, thereby facilitating a spurt in innovation.

Our main services include prior art and invalidation searches, target scouting, evidence-of-use charting and detailed infringement analyses, patent drafting, open-source and proprietary source code review, competitor benchmarking and IP intelligence, technology landscaping and whitespace analysis reports, patent monitoring and market research.


Our vision is to be recognized as the premier technology consulting service provider in intellectual property, with a global reputation for unrelenting focus on our core values of excellence, client centricity, transparency, innovation and integrity. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology in our tools, we aim to optimize processes across the patent lifecycle for our partners, to contribute to the growth of the innovation ecosystem.

The name “iCuerious” reflects our curiosity for providing contextual insights and intelligent cues that help our clients maximize returns on IP assets by exploring avenues for monetization, take informed R&D decisions and develop a robust IP strategy, and win high-stakes patent and technology lawsuits.