Finding Prior Art using Contextual Keywords and Client Inputs

How we found Spot-on Prior Art using Contextual Keywords and Client Inputs

In a recent invalidity search on the technology related to Quantum Computing IC Package, our client expressed concerns about the complexity and additional details of the relevant prior art we presented. He wanted a more direct and no-brainer prior art reference that would closely align with the technical essence of the target patent. Given we had already invested substantial time and effort already, we decided to explore the potential of an "AI Dictionary" to identify contextual keywords.

By carefully screening our search queries and evaluating fundamental variations of the main keyword, we discovered a new keyword ("BUMP") with the help of our expertise in determining fundamental keywords among those suggested by the AI Dictionary. The new keyword led us to uncover a "no-brainer" and "bang-on" prior art, marking a victorious moment for our team.

While our client was pleased with the new prior art, he noted that it provided a surface-level disclosure without delving into specific details. Recognizing the importance of complementing the existing findings, the client emphasized the likelihood of the identified prior art's inventor having more publications within the small world of innovation.

Prompted by this insight, we promptly examined all available research literature associated with the inventor of the identified prior art. To our delight, we came across a research paper authored by the same inventor, which covered the missing details. This discovery perfectly aligned with the client's requirements, fulfilling their expectations.

This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of a collaborative approach that integrates contextual keywords, client inputs, and progressive literature research. By combining these elements, we achieved a successful outcome in identifying spot-on prior art that closely aligned with the target patent. Our ability to adapt our strategies based on client feedback and leverage AI-based dictionary resulted in a comprehensive and thorough search, ultimately meeting the client's needs and objectives.


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