Leveraging College Project Insights

Leveraging College Project Insights to Identify Prior Art

Have you ever found yourself wondering why we chose to study engineering and how it actually benefits us in our work?

While we may not have the answer for everyone, one of our patent researchers found some cues for this question and apply the knowledge he gained from his college project to his work.

Our Researcher: “Since the start of my engineering studies, like many aspiring engineers, I've had a strong curiosity and a desire to make a meaningful impact through new inventions. I sought guidance from professors and senior engineers, and also offered my technical inputs whenever I could. During one of my college projects, where I played a supporting role, we developed a learning aid for visually impaired individuals. This project later received a patent (IN394273B) and became a main clue for finding a prior art during an invalidation search.


Check it out in our report below:

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