Prior Art Search

A Prior Art Search That Made Me Wish To Travel Back In Time

“Invalidating a patent” means to prove that the patent is not valid because its technology was already known to the contemporary public by the time it was filed (let’s say on date X). It might have been available as another patent, research paper, newspaper, blog, video, audio, or any similar material published before date X. Such materials are known as “Prior Arts.”

Finding a bang-on prior art has seldom been a daunting task for researchers. At icuerious, we mostly keep our search strategies simple yet impactful. Therefore, we were easily able to find a bang-on dissertation that disclosed all the needed features.

At times, invalidation searches involve more than just finding prior art. They can also involve finding a proof that the prior art was available to the public. In any case, we, at iCuerious, are driven by our curiosity to push beyond our limits to cross all the hurdles and bring out the best possible outcome. It is and always will be a great learning experience here.


Check it out in our report below:

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