Deep technology and product expertise, emphasis on contextual approach to every case, and a track record of producing actionable results has helped us win new contracts and forge close relationships with our existing clients.

  • 180,000+
    Patents Evaluated
  • 5000+
    High Quality Evidence of use claim charts
  • 6000+
    Novelty Searches with patentability opinion
  • 1600+
    FTO Searches
  • 2000+
    Invalidity/ Validity Searches
  • 100+
    Technology Landscape Searches
  • 2000+
    Patent Application Drafts

Our clientele includes R&D and IP departments in hi-tech multinational corporations, law firms, research institutes, universities, patent monetization and brokerage firms, banks, innovators and inventors.

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We serve more than 500+ clients globally

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